Dundee to Montrose (Angus)
Payware Requirements:-

Just Trains SECML
Just Trains Bristol & Avonmouth
Just Trains Bristol & Exeter

RDSL Isline line (IOW)

Thomson Edinburgh to Glasgow
Totalize Media GARL
Portsmouth Direct

Phorum Peninsula (Project Platform) Withdrawn...

Freeware requirements :-

UKTS Freeware Pack - Blocks-Lofts-Bridges #1 -

UKTS Freeware Pack - Clutter #1 -

UKTS Freeware Pack - Commercial #1 -

UKTS Freeware Pack - Foliage #1 -

UKTS Freeware Pack - Housing #1 -

UKTS Freeware Pack - Industrial #1 -

UKTS Freeware Pack - Railway Buildings #1 -

UKTS Freeware Pack - Terrain Textures #1 -

 Alternative link for UKTS packs can be found here -

Railworks Community Asset Project -

Cresston V4 OBv2 -

Angus 2014 
Download here.
(This link now contains the route with all the patched files below)

Patch (19th Apr 2014)

If you have downloaded this route before today (19th Apr 2014) then you need to download this patch.

Patch includes fix for Flag_UK.bin and missing livestock files made by Andy.

Post TS2015 update - Thumbnail
For those who downloaded the route before 04/10/2014
(Click the picture to download)

Thanks to Mully for the picture